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Going for Gold in the Green Rush

California Cannabis

Our attorneys are on the forefront of corporate formation, branding and licensing for the blossoming recreational and medical cannabis industry in California.  Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to properly form and operate your California cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, retail or research company.  Our attorneys advise you on both State and federal law, analyzing risks, and providing you with achievable solutions.  In the event federal regulators bring charges, our office will represent you to vigorously fight against the charges and for the rights specifically granted to you by the State of California.

  • Corporate Formation & Governance

  • Intellectual Property Protection (for brand development, growth/manufacturing methods, plant genetics, testing techniques, product/service licensing contracts, etc.)

  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) 

  • Regulatory Licensing (State, County, Municipal)

  • Labeling and Safety Regulation Compliance

  • Structuring and Negotiating Deals and Contracts

  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Buy-Outs

  • Advertising / Marketing

  • Privacy and Data Security

  • Civil Litigation Defense

  • Criminal Defense

  • Unfair Competition Civil Litigation Enforcement

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