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Crime Prevention

Reliable & Dedicated Defender


Being arrested and charged for a crime can be frightening.  Not only is your freedom at stake, but certain convictions can cause severe damage to your family, reputation and/or livelihood.  Having an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side, fighting for your rights, can make the difference between jail and freedom.

There are several different stages in a criminal proceeding.  Each is crucial to obtaining a favorable outcome. Our office has extensive experience in representing clients in all facets of the criminal justice system from handling matters before your arraignment, to trial, to post-conviction relief and expungements.  Our attorneys have trained with the best and have numerous resources on hand, such as private investigators and expert witnesses, to help obtain the best result for your case.

Each level of the criminal justice system builds on to the next.  From the date you were arrested, everything matters in order to achieve a favorable outcome.  We have extensive experience in closing cases before they reach the courtroom, arranging excellent plea bargains that have the least effect on you and your family and limit other legal ramifications (such as immigration consequences).  In addition, our attorneys have extensive trial and courtroom experience, framing legal and factual arguments to juries in the best light possible to receive not guilty or mitigated verdicts.   We also have an abundance of experience fighting for your case after you have already been sentenced, known as post-conviction relief.  Whether you were recently arrested and have pending charges against you or you have been sentenced and need help removing your conviction, let our professionals handle your matter to ensure you receive the best outcome possible for you and family. 

  • DUI and Driving Crimes

    • DMV Hearings

    • Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License

    • Driving Under

    • Hit and Run

    • Reckless Driving

  • Theft Crimes

    • Burglary

    • Carjacking

    • Embezzlement

    • Forgery

    • Petty and Grand Theft

    • Receiving Stolen Property

    • Robbery

  • Violent Crimes

    • Arson

    • Assault

    • Assault with Deadly weapon

    • Attempted Murder

    • Battery

    • Battery on Spouse or Domestic Partner

    • Possession of firearms

    • Corporal injury on Spouse

    • Criminal Threats

    • Domestic Violence

    • Manslaughter

  • Sex Crimes

    • Rape

    • Statutory Rape

    • Prostitution

    • Failure to Register

  • Drug and Alcohol Related Crimes

    • Drug diversion programs

    • Possession of marijuana

    • Possession of controlled substance

    • Possession for sale of marijuana

    • Possession for sale of controlled substance

    • Possession of drug paraphernalia

    • Public Intoxication/Drunk in Public

    • Transportation for sale of controlled substance

  • Post-Conviction

    • Reduction of Felonies to Misdemeanors (17 B Motions)

    • Motion to Withdraw a Plea (Coram Nobis or Penal Code 1016.5)

    • Motion for Re-sentencing

    • Expungements

  • Analysis of Immigration Consequences with Criminal Charges

  • General Criminal Assistance

    • Bail

    • Probation Violations

    • Restraining order Violations

    • Warrants

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