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A Comprehensive Guide To US Immigration

Countless people from around the world visit the US annually to work, visit, and live in the country. America is considered to be the Land of Opportunity, and it is not uncommon for individuals to want to settle in this enigmatic land. That said, you will need a valid visa and/or a Green Card if you wish to visit or move to the US eventually. There are a number of options in this scenario to achieve temporary or permanent residence.

According to the new executive order signed by the President of the USA on 22nd June 2020, there is a restriction to the entry of some non-immigrants and foreign immigrants into the country. According to this proclamation, foreign workers will not be allowed to work in the US due to the massive unemployment in the country because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. That said, you can still consider a number of options to gain entry to the country during this time.

Immigration to the US can be divided into two predominant categories:

Temporary (Non-Immigrant) Visa

It is no secret that countless individuals from across the globe apply for a work visa to the US each day. Although the job market is under pressure currently in the US, foreign nationals still find good opportunities to live and work in the country. In addition to that, countries like Canada also offer a pool of talent for the American economy.

Temporary visas include work, study, or visit visa. As per the United States Mexico Canada Agreement, the visa procedures of the US are relatively easier for Mexicans and Canadians to work in America. Small businesses, professionals, and large corporations are now seizing exciting new work opportunities in the US. In this context, some of the most common work visas to the US are TN Visa, L-1 Visa, E-2 and E-1 Visas, H-1B Visas, and H-2B Visas. Hiring an immigration attorney can stand you in good stead here to understand the eligibility criteria and terms of all these visas.  

Permanent Residence (Immigrant) Visa

This includes Green Cards for employment or family. If you seek permanent residence in the US, you can consider the three most common options:

a. Family-Based Petitions

These petitions allow people in the US to sponsor their family members so that they can immigrate to the country.

b. Investor EB-5 Applications

This application applies to people who wish to move to the US and also invest there.

c. Employment-Based Petitions

This petition applies to individuals in the US who have a temporary job there. In this case, they can be eligible for a Green Card if their employer petitions them for permanent residence.

Frequently Asked Questions About The US Immigration

1. Can I get a visa in the US?

All foreign nationals who need new visas must visit a US embassy to apply for their visas. They can also visit a consulate outside the USA.

2. Can the spouse of my employee work?

Spouses of individuals with an L-1 Visa (L-2 Visa holders) and spouses of individuals with an E Visa can apply for employment authorization.

3. Can I get a US visa in Canada?

Yes, you can.

4. Do I need a US Visa if I am a Canadian citizen?

No, you don’t! That said, you will require an appropriate valid ID or a passport to cross the American border to and from Canada.

Why Should You Seek The Help Of An Immigration Lawyer To Immigrate To The US?

The process of applying for immigration to the US can be quite challenging and complicated. These days, all the norms that are in place for US immigration make it tough for individuals to qualify for an American visa. Moreover, irrespective of whether you are applying for a temporary residence or permanent residence US visa, your application must be handled competently from the word go. This is precisely where an immigration lawyer can assist you. The last thing you would want when applying for a visa is to have it rejected. Some key elements of a visa application process are knowing where to file, how to respond to requests from the government, and what documents to present. The reason why most visa applications are refused is the sheer lack of experience when it comes to handling immigration cases.

Wondering why you should hire an immigration attorney? Here are the top benefits of availing the service of US immigration lawyers:

They have the right know-how of US immigration and can assist you with your unique immigration needs.

They can help you avoid prevalent mistakes that usually result in visa denials.

They are experts in the field and work with all speed to collect the required information and documentation so that the visa can be processed sooner rather than later.

Dedicated professionals will be appointed to the task of working closely with you and answering your questions throughout the process.

They will monitor the visa application for updates and ensure that you get the green signal as soon as possible.

Why Choose Reyes & Schroeder Associates, PC For Help With US Immigration?

Most of our clients are eager to relieve themselves of the stress and frustration that comes with preparing paperwork as well as dealing with government requests. Our team of expert immigration professionals offers personalized services to help all clients successfully immigrate to America so that they can live, visit, work, or study in the country with all legal backing. We carry out a comprehensive background check to ensure that you have a clean criminal record, and there are no hurdles to the acceptance of your visa application. While there are no guarantees in life, you can count on our experience to give you a positive outcome for your US immigration.

Get in touch with one of our licensed, qualified, and well-respected attorneys to help you out with your immigration matter. We are easily accessible via email, phone, and social media platforms. Leave us a query, and we will be sure to get back to you soon with the answers!

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