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Tips to Prepare for U.S. Citizenship Test

If you're thinking of attempting the U.S. Citizenship test, chances are that you've already been permanently residing in the States for a while now, and now you're looking to ascertain your presence in the country by obtaining citizenship. Every year, the United States witnesses a steady influx of people from various parts of the country who venture into her boundaries in a bid to breathe life into their deepest ambitions and desires. Subsequently, a large chunk of these people --to opt for the official citizenship in order to learn more about the country and its various institutions and also to avail the benefits that accompany permanent citizenship. Broadly, the citizenship test comprises a simple English test, consisting of reading, writing, and speaking, and a Civics test. The Civics test takes place over a series of 10 questions that are posed by an USCIS officer to the candidate at the time of the interview.

Why Should You Consider U.S. Citizenship?

There are multiple benefits that are associated with having U.S. Citizenship. Some of them have been listed below for the reader's reference.

  • Protection from deportation- Securing U.S. Citizenship shields you, and your family members from getting deported, in the event of there being a contestable criminal conviction against your name.

  • Citizenship for your children- If your children are lawful permanent residents, and under the age of 18, then they stand to become U.S. Citizens when you naturalize.

  • Family reunification- U.S. Citizens get the opportunity of filing immigration petitions with the government in a bid to get reunited with their family members.

  • Eligibility for government jobs- By securing U.S. Citizenship, you stand to contest for some awfully specific federal government jobs that are made available to only US citizens of the country.

  • Freedom to Travel- As opposed to other immigrants, individuals who become U.S. Citizens are subjected to no travel restrictions whatsoever.

  • Ability to vote- All U.S. Citizens get the right to take part in the election process and vote for a leader of their choice.

However, in order to avail these benefits, one has to first successfully get through the citizenship test. Listed below are a few tips that can aid one in their preparation.

Keep The Study Material Handy:

The USCIS website has a lot of resources and study materials that one can download in order to kick-start their preparations. These materials help you brush up both your English as well as Civics skills. Additionally, they contain the Oath of Allegiance for your reference as well.

Have a Dedicated Schedule in Place:

Bear in mind the fact, that you only get two attempts to clear the citizenship test. Should you happen to fail on both occasions, your application for citizenship will be denied and you will have to resubmit your application. Hence, in order to not compromise on your preparations, you must have a dedicated schedule in place that allows you to maintain a disciplined approach to the citizenship test.

Take Practice Tests:

Attempting a practice test is often considered as the best way of getting yourself acquainted with the actual structure and flow of an examination. This holds true while preparing for a U.S. Citizenship test as well. Taking multiple practice tests not only helps you fine-tune your knowledge but also plays a big role in steeling your nerves for the actual examination.

Give Equal Emphasis to Each Subject:

Often candidates commit the mistake of sticking to their strengths while preparing for the citizenship test and inadvertently overlooking either of the two subjects that lie at the heart of this examination. It is especially while preparing for Civics that a lot of people face difficulties. Civics broadly comprises the subjects of history, geography, symbols, the government, and holidays. To avoid getting confused by any of the constituent topics, it is important that the candidate allocates equal time to each of the subjects and prepares accordingly.

Seek Help:

There exist many institutions and academies out there that can help you streamline your citizenship test preparations. What is important is that you identify one that is legitimate and not fall prey to frauds and scamsters. Always take the recommendations of other migrant groups into account prior to settling on a coaching center.

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